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Want to experience something new??

I would like you to join me for DR TAKE OVER 2018!!
LGBTQ, its going down in the Dominican Republic. Labor Day Weekend. I’m going to need you to get or grab your passport and get booked and join the gang.


Who is in charge/HOSTS??

First Class Ent. is celebrating 5yrs of taking over DR. The staff is always professional and helpful. Ray, Alicia & co. will assist with questions, concerns and always provide helpful tips. Once, booked you’d be added to an exclusive group. Giving you the chance to meet other guests and get insider information.

What is DR TAKE OVER??

5 days at a beautiful all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana. All-inclusive meaning room/food/drinks included in rate. All drAnks!! (alcohol toooo)  Over 10 restaurants, and bars everywhere (even the pool). First Class Ent. provides phenomenal entertainment. Get your event pass!! NOW! I really enjoy getting ready for the themed events. This year we going to Wakanda!! #BlackPantherParty foam pool parties, beach parties, fashion shows, throw in a booze cruise and more!!


Who going to be there??

Everyone is welcomed, but DR TAKE OVER is all for and about the LGBTQ community… Single, couple or just a trip with ya gang. The vibe is grown & sexy!! lots of smiling faces. Very welcoming, I went alone last year and had the time of my life. Went with Kat, my BFF the year before and we had an amazing time. Ate well, drank everythang, met great people and partied every dawg gawn day and night. The resort has a spa, get a massage grab a drink and do nothing. #RELAX #YOGA #MEDIATE DR-18-$$

Couples, you won’t be disappointed. The resort is known for catering to weddings and other romantic events. Enjoy breakfast in bed or your private patio. Room service is also included. Romantic walks on the beach or book a reservation and have a romantic dinner.

My fave thing/why I keep going back??

Besides the price?? I live in NYC a trip to DR for 4/5days cost me(food & drinks incld) about the same as a trip to Miami for 3/4 days(food & drinks not-incld). The other reason, the guest– always good vibes. I truly appreciated that,  traveling solo. Someone was always available if needed. I LOVE the gospel service on the beach. LAWD!! just beautiful #THANKu and giving back. We don’t just party. Guest are asked to donate school supplies to a local school. To see the faces of the kids that are receiving your gift warms your heart. Well organized and the events keep getting better. You can find First Class Ent. on all social media outlets. Look for DR TAKE OVER !! Find me on Facebook Micha Fenomenal xoxo.. I enjoy traveling and I don’t mind sharing my experiences or information.

Let me know??

Places you been? vacation recommendations!!
Suggestions?? Where you going 2018?? Tips!!





Miami was great, I will definitely be going back. I met so many new people. I am not really into the long distance thing so I will keep everything real friendly like. I keep thinking about Morgan tho, she looked Good!! It’s been a few days and I know she’s back I just haven’t reached out yet.

It’s my great-grandmothers birthday, she passed almost a decade ago. My family and I have a big bbq. I love being with my family. I hate being on slave duty but I don’t cook much so I’ll make runs to the store and be on clean up duty. TJ, and a few of my other friends came through we took pics, took a few shots and snuck off to puff puff pass. Morgan texted me ” Where is my plate? ” she saw my pics on IG. Side note – she also liked them. #UfollowUdntLikeTho  ” You look like ” she joked referring to a pic of my mom, gmom and I. “Hello, Lovely” I replied “What you want on your plate?”.  It was good to hear from her. She pretty much told me she missed talking to me. I let her know, I missed her also. ” I’ll let you spend time with your family call me later”. I most certainly will was my reply. Doing a little happy dance until I notice TJ and my cousin Red all in my face. TJ – ” Your Boo finally hit you up?  her and my cousin talking shit. I know TJ told Red, everything. It’s cool were close. They ha, Ha,hee, hee until it was time to eat. Annoying but I love ’em.

I didn’t speak with Morgan until much later that night. With family visiting from out of town and me having an extra room. Means my crib is filled. It’s cool thank goodness it’s temporary. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy house guest but I spend a lot of time alone. And I like it.  When we talked.. we talked about everything except her girl and Miami. She wasn’t going to bring it up so I didn’t either. After a few sips of wine,  ” Ya girl is cute “I said hoping she’ll notice the sarcasm..  She laughed and said you think so? We laughed I let her know that seeing them together made me feel jealous and I am not use to that feeling. She let me know it made her feel uncomfortable having us both in the same vicinity. I asked why do you think that is ??. She laughed and said you know exactly why!!. I laughed, I do. I like you and I want to respect you, your relationship but I do like you. She stayed quite for awhile. Than I heard in a low voice ” I like you to ” and damn it I saw the fireworks. WACK shit, she also expressed that maybe we should slow down. She is in a relationship and is not the cheating kind. She told me she has been feeling guilty. You have nothing to feel guilty for. We haven’t even kissed.  She says ” I want to do more than kiss you, I want you to do so much more than kiss me.” Her words gave me chills. Really was all I could say. We laughed and she said really!!. I cleared my throat.. I don’t want to get into the things.. I want to do to you. I have had thoughts of you pretty much since I laid eyes on you. I want to fuck you so good you’ll feel it in your soul #SoulFuck. Daamn!! is all I heard on the other end of the phone. I am sorry but you started let me focus. I felt like maybe I said to much. She said don’t apologize  ” You are going to get me in trouble.” I had to let her know, that’s not my plan I don’t want her like that. In the meantime my inner me is like – you really like this woman and you do want her like that.

My family is safely home and my life is back to usual. I go back to work, with Morgan on my brain. I try not to get caught up but the dreams are getting more intense. Our conversations are real friendly and it kinda hurts. I think, I know I like her. TJ is having one of her gatherings and I just blurt it out. TJ, takes a pull of some rather strong weed.   ” I know, she knows, surprised you admitted it ” laughing. Still laughing. Everyone else chimes in I hear …..  but what about your husband?? Never married, I ended that and date women exclusively now. You DEF a lesbian- ya’ll gonna be living together by this afternoon. Lots of laughs and jokes at my expense. My friends don’t hold back and I’ve learned to value and appreciate that. The people in your circle should uplift and support you. My tribe will tell you what it is, how it is and what it use to be…. Ha ha Hell

After everyone went home I stayed behind to help TJ clean up. I know you like her, what you going to do about it?? I hate that look, it takes me back to our childhood when some shit was about to go down. TJ and I were always in sync, ready to whip ass at precisely the same time. Or do something silly either way when she gave me the look I knew the plan was in action. Even when we didn’t have a plan. It’s like either you gonna do something or I’m going to do something. Either way it’s going down. Now. ” What the fuck am I supposed to do?? she in a relationship !! FUCK THAT, FUCK HER RELATIONSHIP !! TJ, really- you need therapy that shit ain’t right. What about all ya greatgreatgreat grandma sayings. How you get them is how you lose them?? or It’s cheaper to keep her?? how ever that shit go. WTF !! how many times did you smoke today?? we laughed. Real shit, I can’t do nothing. I don’t want to disturb. I don’t want that karma. TJ, why you looking at me like that. She looking at me all disappointed in shit. Your crazy but you have a good heart. Hurting others aint you. If it was me I would have been fucked the shit out of shorty, had a fight with her girl and on to the next. But your a sweetheart and that’s why I loves ya. What you NOT going to do is sit around and wait for shorty..  staring me deep in my eyes. Giving me the look. Time is precious and you shouldn’t waste it.

Later that night we booked a trip #MAGICCITYMIAMI2018 here we come.

As for Morgan, I’ve decided to bury my feelings somewhere deep, deep, down inside. We don’t speak as much but text on a daily basis. Hearing her voice just does something to me. It makes me feel gooood. So I keep our calls short and normally I would be popping up and….. oh my Morgan what a surprise. Nope I’ve been dodging her. Trying to be respectful is hard asf… I think she is aware of what I’ve been doing. When I say her social media be ON…… lit, fire and all that. Nothing tooo crazy but just enough. She has an amazing body, she can wear a t-shirt and got damn it’s the sexiest t-shirt  you have ever seent. yesssss seenT.  My cousin is finally on IG and sends me all these screenshots of Morgan’s girl with other girls. Let’s just say, she seems pretty friendly.. She likes to party a lot. My cousin Red, has always been a shit starter. One of the reasons her and TJ get along so well. Red, just got on board to help TJ promote. And it appears Morgan’s girl may not post on her page but she out there and it ain’t cute. I didn’t show the pics to Morgan and I don’t want to mention them. But now I feel guilty because I know.

To keep busy I partnered with the besties and started to help them promote. Honestly, I was looking for a distraction. TJ decided I was horny and just need to get laid. I’m thinking that couldn’t hurt..  So I’ll be on the prowl in #MIAMI. Great city, amazing events and beautiful women !! Join me #MAGICCITYMIAMI     IG – Magiccitymiami2018    magic3


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Update DR TAKE OVER 2017!!

Ok I told you about Sizzle, I gave up a little about Sweat Heat and I already expressed my love for DR TAKE OVER yet here I am again!!

First off get your passport if you don’t have one already.

Now let me tell you all about it.. again!! for those who are non-believers……side eye

DR TAKE OVER has been going on quite a number of years now. Labor Day Weekend. So if you didn’t know now you know.(Something new to do #LaborDayWknd) The DR stands for The Dominican Republic. Attendees stay in a 5-star resort in the beautiful yes you guessed it the Dominican Republic. Did I mention it’s all inclusive. YES!! all drinks, all food included in your stay. Pools and the Beeach near by. Swim up bars!! Check, phenomenal scenery!! Check, IG ain’t ready.  We travel in golf carts I did take a trolley once but the golf carts are so much fun. Thankfully drivers are provided.

I had no complaints, my room which I shared with my travel buddy Kat was roomie enough for us both. Nice Jacuzzi bathtub and stand up shower. Shit I almost forgot DON’T DRINK THE WATER!! not 1000% sure why but if someone tells me more than once don’t drink the water and provides ample amount of bottled water. I am not drinking the water. Point blank. period nonetheless I didn’t drink the water and had a gay ole time. The bed was comfy and so was the sofa in our room. We spent most of our time on the sofa and on the patio smoking, dranking and eating. Our room also had a cute little kitchenette I don’t remember cooking anything -no need with more than 10 restaurants on the resort. But we did have a nice size fridge and sink.

So you have your lovely room on this amazing resort your eating and drinking. Now what do u do??!! Thank goodness you came to join in the ” Take Over!! “.

First Class Entertainment has yet to ever, ever, ever, ever let me down. Ray and Alicia does it well. What gets me going is the small details. They think of it all and provide you with all you need to know. They also bring the entertainment. And if you ain’t never been you need to ask someone who has. Cuz once you go you become family and we don’t be spilling the Tea on the family. Just know every day and night you will be thoroughly caught up in some sort of …..activity. Toga beach parties, Glow in the dark pool parties and I won’t even mention the booze cruise. 2017, is all new so I suggest you go to or checkout their Facebook page. As always check out my Facebook page ” FeNoM Ent ” I share my events/vacations and also other LGBT events/vacations and more!!

Getting back to the Take Over tho. During my stay the weather was amazing and I really didn’t venture to far off the resort. The resort itself is huge and a mall is right across the street. With a casino for those that like to gamble. I don’t but they also have a club in the mall and we were all up in there. The best thing about DR TAKE OVER are the sexy LGBT people. The energy is super friendly and frisky. Everyone parties together and everyone celebrates one another. The unlimited amount of drinks helps. No fights, no fussing just good times.

Flying solo or great for couples. Omgoodness if I had a Bae I would so take her and make some memoires. But I don’t so I will be meeting up with my family and acting up as only we do.

So do your research, get your passport, get booked and meet me in DR .




So I attended my first Sweet Heat and Aqua Girl both in Miami. I had a great time Miami is wild and I enjoyed every minute of it. A few days to get away from it all!! work family and my so called loved life. I left it all behind in NYC and boarded the plane. I have been to Miami a few times before and I am comfortable in saying I know my way around. TJ and I stayed in the host hotel for those attending Sweet Heat. And let’s just say it was lots to see. Women all sizes, shades it was beautiful to see. I love being in the company of women that LOVE women. Makes me feel at home. TJ has been promoting for awhile now so we got the VIP treatment it was nice. I met women from all parts of Florida, North & South Carolina. Boston, NYC and a few other places. I really enjoyed myself. We attended events for both Sweet Heat & Aqua Girl. I love all women but Black women are MY everything. And Sweet Heat was filled with lots of women of color. I even got the chance to see Morgan’s girl friend. Crazy thing we both live in the same city and I finally lay eyes on her thousands of miles away from home. I knew they were going Morgan and I chat on a regular basis. So I had the chance to prepare myself. I will admit I am selfish that way I don’t like sharing. So I was a little bothered but the girl ain’t mine. And although we chat I really do try to keep the flirting to a minumin. I will be lying to say I don’t flirt at all. I like her inside and out it’s been a few months now. She is smart, we can talk about damn near anything and she is beautiful. I find her very attractive and honestly it’s very hard not to come at her like I would if she was single. I don’t tho I keep it light. Her girl was ok……. lol I am never a hater!!! she was attractive. TJ spotted them we were at the Sweet Heat beach event. Strolling the beach giving out DR Take Over fliers. TJ spots them in front of us. We were trying to get a better price for some “party accessories” and TJ gives me a nod. I look to my left and their goes my baby. With her baby…. walking hand in hand. I didn’t want to be in an akward situation and I didn’t want to put her and an uncomfortable place. We basically waved to each other and kept it moving. When she told me they were going I felt we should discuss what would occur if we happened to bump heads. I couldn’t just walk on by or act like I didn’t know her. That didn’t sit well with me. I also didn’t want to meet her girl friend. So I figured a simple hi and bye would be best.

DAMN, that woman is fine!! I will admit, I did try to avoid this moment. I never wanted to see her girl. I didn’t want to be fake. I don’t do fake. I can’t look this chic in the face knowing I want to make mad-passionate-crazy LUV to her gurl. After they passed by TJ asked if I am ok? my friend knows me well and I am thankful to have such a great friend. She jokes her girl looks like a broke ass Snoop. I laughed, we laughed but than I said broke ass Snoop ain’t bad looking. She was AG/Stud, her dreads down her back and she was muscular six pack in all. They looked cute together. They definitely attracted a lot of attention. Morgan had on some crazy cut out swimsuit. That woman looked flawless CoCo skin and curves EVERYWHERE!! and broke ass Snoop had on matching trunks and tank. I can not tell a lie…. I am seriously attracted to this woman. I like everything about her except her girl friend. I decided the best thing to do was get completely drunk and stay as far away from them as possible. And we were successful until the end of the party and we were all standing right next to each other on line waiting to exit. Morgan must of had the same idea because she seemed a little tipsy herself. Scratch that she was a little more than tipsy she was how the kids say it these days LIT!! TJ of course thought this was amusing I’m looking but trying not to look. Trying to leave but not moving. After awhile I noticed Morgan wasn’t just with her girl. Her BFF came running to her side. Another chic passes by says something to Morgan and her girl hits the chic and an all out brawl starts. Morgan’s girl is fighting. Another girl grabs Morgan. Her BFF grabs that chic. Security grabs them all. People are running and pushing as security is basically escorting us all out. TJ and I decide to go across the street away from the crowd. I tell TJ, “I don’t want to leave yet, I wanna make sure she good”. TJ agrees and starts to roll up. We wait and watch as the front of the venue clears. Shuttle buses are coming and going. Taxis and Ubers are pulling up. TJ taps me ” Those are the chics that ya gurl was fighting”. I look and I see the group being pulled off to the side. They were talking to the lead promoters and security. A little while later Morgan and crew walk out. I ask TJ to get us a ride and walk over to Morgan. She looked surprised to see me. I asked her simply ” You good? ” her girl answered for her ” Yeah she good thank U”.  TJ looked at me and I shook my head no. I looked at her girl “I know these two, I just wanted to make sure the ppl I knew were good”. Thank you!! Morgan and her BFF said at the same time. Still drunk as shit. We all laughed, security laughed. Everybody except her girl. Our ride pulled up. We wished the crowd well and went on about our night.

TJ, joked with me. ” That’s ya Boo”. We laughed. Miami was great as always. We continued to promote and network. But we didn’t go to any other events. I didn’t want to see Morgan and company. We basically got super Lit and had our own pool parties. I didn’t reach out to Morgan for the rest of the trip. I didn’t want any drama.





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Another episode..

My night with Angela was indeed what I needed.  I miss laying in bed with someone beside me. Angela has roommates so we had quiet sex.  You know when you trying to get it in but don’t want anyone to hear. It’s been awhile for me but damn it. It’s like riding a bike. We basically got little to no sleep. I licked, kissed and sucked every part of her. We used every piece of furniture in her bedroom. Starting on the bed…….Sheeeeeeeeeet I had her on the dresser. She made me breakfast and we talked most of the morning. I met one of her roommates a short little stud named Jack. I knew she overheard us. She was blushing and smiling. I shook her hand but she held on to it. I must still be high, this chic is hitting on me??…Nah

Being with Angela was great and I do like her. But it makes me truly want what I had not so long ago. A relationship. I thought about it as I rode the train to go meet TJ for lunch. TJ knew right away something was up.  I told her about me and Angela. She sang Jungle Fever. You know the song from that Spike Lee movie starring Wesley Snipes. I have always professed my love for black women. Could I really get serious with a white girl?.. I want love. I want to be with someone I love and desire. And vice versa their skin color doesn’t matter. Or so I thought. Things are very different when your in it. Not just looking in and commenting. Butt than again it was only a couple of hours of sex. We ain’t committed or nothing….. It’s just been awhile lil white gurl got me sprung…lol Hell no…….lmao

I even felt a little guilty when I spoke with Morgan. And she got a woman! I didn’t tell her about Angela. I really like Morgan, but I told her I was dating. She asked was it someone special and even sounded jealous. I was surprised and got a kick out of it. I answered honestly and quickly No!! She seemed pleased with my answer. Ever since I had sex with Angela I’ve been dreaming and thinking of Morgan more. And quite frankly I will admit I have been turning up the heat. I wouldn’t get to crazy but she has caught me on a few horny nights and I couldn’t help myself. Later on I felt bad, I shouldn’t be doing this. What comes around goes around they say. However my feelings were reciprocated. She even sent me a picture. Nothing to graphic just her with a little bra/panty action. I look at that pic at least once a day. And just think to myself one day ONE day! for now. I’ll be respectful as I can be. However if she falls on my face accidentally.  Of course I’m going to busssss that asszzssszzz.   Until my time I wait..